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#ExploringEasternEurope 2017/2018 Reflective Workshops

#ExploringEasternEurope 2017/2018 Reflective Workshops

We marked with joy and fulfillment the end of our successful #ExploringEasternEurope 2017/2018 Reflective Workshops.

This year was special as we have hosted an exhibition with photos from Kosovo taken by our MA Program: Development, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid alumni with the guidance of of Lect. Miruna Troncotă, and also, had the opportunity to discuss about political challenges in the South Caucasus with our special guest in the same day that the 5th Eastern Partnership Summit took place in Brussels.

 Thank you everyone for participating at our events!

Ps: We’ll warmly welcome you to attend the following #ICID events in 2017. Stay tuned!

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